Prananath College Building


Brief History

The department of psychology enjoys the pride of position among Honours department since the year 1981 under the Headship of Dr. Mahesweta choudhury who was the first Head of the department in psychology. Now the department has total seat strength of 70 in Honours. The department in vibrant with activities which is well indicated from its academic attainment over the years. The department comprises of 5 Lecturers, 1 Demonstrators, 1 Lab- assistant,1 Lab-attendant and 1 bearer. The department has a laboratory equipped with necessary instrument for practical curriculum of the students.
Programme offered
Psychology Honours
Inter disciplinary courses
Intake Capacity (Students)

Faculty Profile
(including teaching, non-teaching & technical staff)

Prof. Ms Madhusmita Chhotaray
MA, M.Phil
Mr. Akshya Ku. Mishra
Ms Subhrasmita Das
Ms. Lipsa Rani Nayak
Mrs. Java Bharadwaj
Mr. Lal Krushna Bhanja

Remarkable Achievements

  1. Statelevel Seminar Organized By Department.
  2. Two MRP (Miner Research Project) Submited On 2014 By Saudimini Dash & Sucharita Mohanty.
  3. Opened Counselling Cell (2015)
  4. Opened Counselling Cell (2015)


Name Qualification/Position
Anupam Panigrahi Professor MBA College
Prabhasi Pati IIT Professor
Niranjana Pattnaik Research Associate Podichery Cental University
Sudrashan Behera Lecturer
Ashok Parida Lecturer
Swagtika Samantasighar Lecturer
Trupti Mishra Lecturer
Sugyani Bhanya Lecturer
Pranati Satpathy Lecturer
Rilesh Sahoo Councilor
Bikash Jena City School Teacher – 2013
Sasmita Samantasinghar Counsellor Nco Cell At Capital Hospital BBSR