Prananath College Building


Brief History

Prananath College (Autonomous) was established in the year 1959. The scope of teaching in science initially limited to P. U. Scienec which was started in the year 1964. Degree college of science was started from the year 1971. Mr. Dibakar Pattanaik was the first HOD of the department. Honours course in chemistry was opened in the year 1974 with 16 seats. At present, the no. of Hohours seat is 56.

Year of Establishment of the Department

Pre-University Chemistry
Degree Chemistry( Pass)
Degree Chemistry ( Honours)

Faculty Profile
(including teaching, non-teaching & technical staff)

Sl. No. Employee Name Designation
1 Dr. (Ms) Ajanta Satapathy Associate Professor & Head
2 Dr. Pronab Kishore Mohanty Reader (SS)
3 Prof. Mrs. Manju Pattnaik Reader (SS)
4 Prof. Priyabrata Mohanty Reader (SS)
5 Dr. Purna Chandra Baisakh Lect. (Gr.A)
6 Prof. (Mrs.) Shantilata Dash Lect. (Gr.A)
7 Mr. Susanta Ku. Mishra Lecturer
8 Mr. Shailendra Prasad Mishra Lecturer
9 Mrs. Sipra Mohanty Demonstrator
10 Mrs. Dolly Mishra Demonstrator
11 Mr. Jagannath Sahoo Demonstrator
12 Mr. Gadadhar Rath Demonstrator
13 Ms Anuradha Bidhar Lab. Asst.
14 Mr. Santosh Kumar Behera, (M.Sc.) Lecturer
15 Mr. Kedareswar Mohapatra
16 Sk. Sarif
17 Sk. Amzad Alli
18 Mr. Madhab Sahoo

Remarkable Achievements

  1. 6 international publication
  2. Mr. Priyabarata Mohanty awarded 2nd position in poster competition on national science day at KIIT university
  3. Mr. Badal Behera got admitted inti IIT Mumbai through IIT Jam in 2016


International e-conference on "Plastic Pollution and Nano-Technology"

Date: 18-04-2021