Prananath College Building

Mission & Vision


The college works towards its vision through its: academic and intellectual mission, social mission, national mission and ecological mission within the ambit of teaching and learning environment.

Academic and Intellectual mission

  • To update and implement course curriculum effectively, while keeping faculty members abreast of the latest curriculum of the affiliating university.
  • To ensure a cordial relationship between teachers and students for the all-round development of the students.
  • To facilitate teachers for the improvement of their efficiency on a regular basis.
  • To maintain a state- of – the art library with E-resource facilities.
  • To provide platforms to students and teachers for intellectual discourse through seminars, workshops and guest lectures.
  • To provide unrestricted access to library and reading rooms.
  • To publish journals and periodicals.

Social mission

  • To create awareness of social and environmental issues among students through NSS wing of the college.
  • To create awareness on issues relating to health, environment, disaster preparedness, etc. among the people of communities located in the vicinity of the college.
  • To encourage students to participate in large number in the NSS activities.

National Mission

  • To involve students through NCC and NSS units towards national integration and instilling in them the spirit of nationalism.
  • To instill a service attitude towards humanity in need through Red-Cross, NCC and Scout.

Ecological Mission

  • To impart teaching of environment course curriculum by the teachers of different departments.
  • To create an environment friendly campus.
  • To sensitize students on ecological and environmental issues.


Envisions a college of excellence in higher education ensuring quality education for rural based, tribal and girl students keeping pace with changing social realities for an ecologically sustainable and just society that stands as a guarantee for living life with dignity.