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Institutional Distinctiveness

Institutional Distinctiveness

Prananath College (Autonomous) Khordha occupies a Privileged Position as a premier institute in the field of higher learning in the state of Odisha . It has the rare distinction of realising its social responsibility vis-a-vis intellectual, Spiritual and physical growth of all stakeholders since 1959.

This institute owes its origin to the untiring effort of Late Prananath Pattnaik an eminent freedom fighter fulfilling the dream of academic excellence and innumerable achievement in socio-cultural & sports fields with its “A” grade NAAC accreditation and CPE status.

Prananath College not only provides opportunities for academic learning but also nurture social, emotional and ethical learning so that we could grasp Youth energy, their creativity and enthusiasm to became responsible citizens in challenging competitive world. So in order to encourage them and to promote their creative aspects, we offer different category of awards and Prizes named “PUJYA PUJA” which is our distinctiveness. In this field, We have three state level awards named PRANANATH SAMMAN presented to eminent persons and noted scholars of the state, PRANANATH SANGEET SAMMAN presented eminent musicians, dramatists and singers of the state and MANJARI DEVI AWARD presented to distinguished scholars in the field of literature 81 numbers of Endowment prizes, 09 numbers of Governing Body prizes and 03 nas of OSA prizes as listed below.


State Level Prizes

  1. PRANANATH SANMAN -is presented to the eminent persons and noted scholars for their outstanding contribution to the field of education and social reform.
  2. PRANANATH SANGEET SAMMAN - is presented to the eminent musicians, dramatists and singers of the state.
  3. MANJARI DEVI AWARD - is presented to distinguished scholars for their profound contribution to the field of literature (novel, short story, poetry, criticism, drama and children’s literature).