Brief History

The history of Physics Department dates back to 1964 when physics was first introduced as a subject at the pre-University, subsequently in 1967 at the Pre-professional course, Degree Course in Physics pass in 1971 and then Honours course started in 1974. At present the intake capacity of honors students is 64 per session.

The Department of physics is well equipped with three laboratories, one computer lab., seminar library cum reading room with all facilities. Throughout the year the department observes different academic, literary and cultural activities. The department has produced outstanding scholars who have achieved distinction in their career as physicists in different scientific research institutes, all India level administrative services and holding positions in corporate sectors.

Today our department is one of the largest departments in the College with eleven faculty members, five supportive technical staffs and four labs. attendants catering to the need of more than 500-degree students with physics as their subject of study.

The under graduate Degree Honours students take active part in the departmental seminar activities and physics projects as their course-work. Annual science exhibitions related to physics are organized among students on behalf of this department to develop their scientific skill. Besides this, eminent faculties of other institute, distinguished scientists and research workers from other institute are invited to deliver talks on various current topics from time to time. Publication of a science wall magazine named “SPECTRUM” forms a part of the Departmental activities. Above all we form a cohesive group with a true team spirit that guides and guarantees the unity and mutual understanding between the teachers and the students.

Faculty Profile

Sl. No. Name Contact Number Qualification Designation Specialization Photos
1 Dr.Shyam Sundar Das 7008416349 M.Sc., Ph.D. Assoc. Prof. & HOD Electronics
2 Dr.Umasankar Mahapatra 7894848731 M.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Electronics
3 Dr. (Mrs.) Mridula Mishra 9937742161 M.Sc. M. Phil Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Nuclear Physics
4 Mr. Pramod Ku. Samal 9437276788 M.Sc. M. Phil Reader(S.S.) Electronics
5 Dr. Pradeepta Ku. Mohapatra 9438500085 M.Sc. M.Phil Ph.D. Reader(S.S.) Particle Physics
6 Mr. Gadadhar Sahoo 9861827937 M.Sc. Reader(S.S.) X-Rays
7 Mr. Upendera Ku. Barik 8763187131 M.Sc. Reader(S.S.) X-Rays
8 Mr. Sibaprasad Padhi 9438012653 M.Sc. Lecturer Electronics
9 Mr. Gyanendra Satapathy 8342860408 M.Sc. Lecturer Spectroscopy
10 Mr. D. Dwibedee 9777924722 M.Sc. M.Phil Lecturer Particle Physics
11 Mr. Subodha Ku. Jagadev 9861009798 M.Sc. Lecturer Particle Physics

Technical Staff

Sl. No. Name Contact Number Designation
1 Mrs. Sachala Mahapatra 9853561628 Demonstrator
2 Mrs. Sasmita Patnaik 9583872911 Lab Assistant
3 Mr. Chita Ranjan Kodamsingh 6370635373 Lab Assistant
4 Mr. Suvendu Panda 9090606486 Lab Assistant
5 Mrs Anita Mahapatra 8339966322 Lab Assistant

Lab. Attendants

Sl. No. Name Contact Number
1 Raja Kishore Nayak 9776100149
2 Balabhadra Senapati 9937508743
3 Kishore Kumar Behera 9090811979
4 Srinibas Pattnaik 985355339

Toppers & Best Graduates

Sl. No. Year Name of the Student Award
1 2010 Dushmanta Ku. Nayak Topper
2 2011 Neelam Parwin Topper
3 2012 Swyamsmita Parida Topper
4 2013 Jayashree Bebarta Topper
5 2014 Bijayalaxmi Samantaray Topper and Best Graduate (Gold Medal)
6 2015 Aishwarya Parida Topper and Best Graduate (Gold Medal)
7 2016 Sambit Ku. Sahoo Topper
8 2017 Atala Bihari Pahadsingh Topper
9 2018 Sudhansu Sekhar Nayak Topper and Best Graduate (Gold Medal)
10 2019 Deepa Rani Mahapatra Topper and Best Graduate (Gold Medal)

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